Be My ‘Burque Boo

We figured there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to showcase the stylish couples that strut the streets of Burque. Here’s to el amor!

Words by Jdel. Photos by Burquestyle Team.

Rivkela and Artis. She is a business writer for the Albuquerque Journal, he is CEO of ABQ Nightvision. They met in December 2010, and hit it off immediately. “It was a love-at-first-sight sort of thing,” Rivkela said.

Tony and Victor. Tony is a stylist at Chez D’Or and an educator at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy. Victor is an orientation coordinator at UNM. They met at a Tyra Sanchez drag show several years ago, and have since enjoyed nights filled with home-cooked meals and the game of Yahtzee.

Allan Eaton and Sarah Watts. This couple was having lunch at Nob Hill Bar and Grill when we spotted them.  She’s from Chicago, Allan will be joining her there soon. 

Sean and Stefanie Montano. He is the co-owner and general manager of Monroe’s. She is owner of Stilo Lifestyle Accessories, a boutique in Nob Hill. Sean likes to say his wife’s style is ‘urban chic, hippie fab.’ He supports her creativity, and in return his wardrobe is filled with killer duds from local designers at the shop.

Karel and Lori. These Philadelphia transplants own the tattoo shop Electric Church Tattoo Parlour, and Lori has a jewelry line on the side. The stylish couple, who will be celebrating their five year anniversary next month, receive comments everywhere they go. “People always ask us if we are in band,” Lori laughed.

Mia and Victor, celebrating an early Valentine’s Day. They ate dinner at Forque Kitchen and Bar, then checked out the band at Jazzbah. We liked their matching sleek style.

Sarah and Michael (and their daughter Piper). Sarah is a hardworking mother, and Michael is an engineer, who acts on the side. (Check him out in a recent episode of Breaking Bad. He also has an upcoming role in the NBC series Grimm) Sarah’s entire outfit is second-hand (minus her Michael Kors bag, a gift from her husband.) They believe that the wealth of Albuquerque style isn’t typically found in new clothes, but rather in our eclectic thrift stores.

Ellie and Brian Love, owners of the clothing line Urban Misfit Society. Their coordinated colors prove they are a perfect match. For more on their whirlwind courtship, go here.

Jerrett and Kelsey. He is a tattoo artist, she works at Buffalo Exchange. They met while he was tattooing artwork on her upper leg. “We had four hours to talk and get to know each other,” Jerrett said. “And she wasn’t wearing pants. It was a really good first date.”

Scott and Cecilia. We ran into this couple having brunch at The Grove Cafe and Market. Scott owns Solarius Spa; Cecilia, who has a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Spanish, helps him run it. The couple have a passion for exotic vehicles — as well as exotic designers. Check out Cecilia’s Louis Vuitton bag — it’s a love story in and of itself.

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